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God of the Basement (GOTB) is an alternative rock band from Florence, Italy, born in 2016. Its five members share an intense passion for rock'n'roll music, tight groovy beats and catchy melodies, for esotericism, voodoo rituals and other occult stories in opposition to modern pop culture. 

I God of the Basement (GOTB) sono una band alternative rock italiana nata a Firenze nel 2016. Rock'n'roll, beat funky, old school hip hop e suoni desert/stoner si mescolano in un immaginario che gioca sul contrasto tra tematiche esoteriche (voodoo, diavolerie e occulto) e moderna cultura pop.

I God of the Basement sono Tommaso Tiranno, Rebecca Lena, Enrico Giannini e Stefano Genero.



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