Out on October 19th the self-titled debut album of God of the basement, for the italian record label Alka Records.

The album is a true declaration of intent, a first work that represent every single aspect of the band ideas of music, a collage of images and inspirations, from black humor to “party hard” style 90s songs (Beck inspired), from south american pagan processions to the “5 boroughs” imaginary of the Beastie Boys. An album in which every song focuses on vocal melody and groovy beat, hidind something “scary & creepy” going on in the basement as the name of the band suggests.

Thirteen songs connected together like a journey full of interference and unexpected events, a journey that goes through the demonic ritual rhythms and voodoo on “Hell Boar” and “The Savior”, typically urban beats and atmospheres on “Monday Monkey”, “Bobby Bones” and “We do Know” with glimpses of modern bluesy feelings, pulsing disco-funk grooves on “Get Loose” and “With the Light Off” feat. dutch singer Francesca Pichel, solid Black Sabbath inspired guitar riff on “Beaten up”, in collaboration with the indie band Nothing for Breakfast, and unexpected mariachi atmospheres on “The Sinner” feat. the trumpet of Gabriel Stanza from Dust & the Dukes.   

The Album is arranged, produced, recorded and mixed by Samuele Cangi and God of the Basement.



All songs written by God of the Basement

Produced by Samuele Cangi e God of the Basement

Mastered by Niccolò Caldini

Artwork by Rebecca Lena

Photo by Rebecca Lena (inspired by Simon Kerola)

With the Lights Off is the first single from God of the Basement debut album

“Better with the lights off”, but the video is everything but with the lights off. The Rhythm, the sounds, the colours and the light itself build a tight dynamic, logical but also unpredictable, set by its obsessive groove. The song evolves in a glorious opening of the chorus (in which the eclectic dutch artist Francesca Pichel features), visually presented by the explosion of a toxic blue smoke that creates some kind of a (unreal/pagan/fake) holy atmosphere. The mirror effect plays around different details of the band, draws new shapes, unreal, sometimes animals and disturbing as is the musical and visual collective imaginary of God of the Basement.

The video is directed by Rebecca Lena, video maker, photographer, and bass player of the band.   



Enrico Giannini : +39 338 7733691

 Tommaso Tiranno : +39 389 9179873